Reviews of articles by: Joe Rogan


Magnetic poles reversals are not cataclysmic events as claimed in the ‘Adam and Eve’ theory discussed on Joe Rogan podcast

Magnetic poles reversals involve the Earth flipping vertically and momentarily stopping its rotation, causing cataclysmic events during 6 days.

SOURCE: Joe Rogan & Jimmy Corsetti, TikTok & Spotify

Published: 14 Jun 2023


Scientists have found that modern climate change is caused entirely by human activity, contrary to recent speculation by Joe Rogan

“The question is, ‘how much of an impact do we have on [climate]?’ That has not totally been quantified”; climate change is happening anyway, “The ice age happened without us…It’s probably this constant cycle”.

SOURCE: Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan Experience

Published: 11 Oct 2022