EU is not passing law to ‘seize and scrap’ cars under climate agenda, contrary to Peter Sweden claim

The EU could SEIZE and SCRAP your old car if it doesn't meet their criteria as part of their climate agenda.

SOURCE: Peter Imanuelsen (aka Peter Sweden), Twitter/X

Published: 18 Jan 2024


Magnetic poles reversals are not cataclysmic events as claimed in the ‘Adam and Eve’ theory discussed on Joe Rogan podcast

Magnetic poles reversals involve the Earth flipping vertically and momentarily stopping its rotation, causing cataclysmic events during 6 days.

SOURCE: Joe Rogan & Jimmy Corsetti, TikTok & Spotify

Published: 14 Jun 2023


The Antarctic’s ice coverage is not increasing to record levels, nor is the continent getting colder, contrary to Curry and Easterbrook claims in CFACT movie

Antarctic sea-ice extent is increasing to record levels. Antarctica is getting colder; its sea ice and ice cap are not melting

SOURCE: Judith Curry and Don Easterbrook, CFACT

Published: 28 Apr 2023



Authorities undertaking climate action targeted by viral “Climate lockdowns” narrative on social media

— 19 Jul 2023

The increasing number of measures to limit greenhouse gas pollution that can be expected in the future will certainly present opportunities for future weaponization and misrepresen...

How much of a climate solution can technologies such as carbon capture and storage be?

— 23 May 2023

Science has shown consistently that adding CO2 to the atmosphere is changing the climate in various ways, including raising the surface temperature of the oceans and atmosphere. On...