Reviews of articles from: Climate Change Dispatch


Sea temperatures around the Great Barrier Reef have increased over the last 150 years, contrary to claim at Wattsupwiththat

"Great Barrier Reef Sea Surface Temperature: No Change In 150 Years"

SOURCE: David Mason-Jones, Wattsupwiththat?

Published: 08 Sep 2021


Despite 2021 being a good year for coral health, coral in the Great Barrier Reef has declined over the past decade and is threatened by climate change, contrary to claims by Peter Ridd

“The amount of coral on the Great Barrier Reef is at record high levels”; those claiming the reef is threatened by climate change are alarmists

SOURCE: Peter Ridd, The Australian, Climate Change Dispatch, Watts Up With That?

Published: 21 Aug 2021


Bedrock heat flow studies made no claim contradicting human-caused melting of glaciers

[A] series of just-released studies by working-level scientists prove that geological and not atmospheric forces are responsible for melting of Earth’s polar ice sheets.

SOURCE: James Edward Kamis, Climate Change Dispatch

Published: 22 Nov 2019