Reviews of articles from: The Sun


Article in The Sun misrepresents Antarctic discovery and misplaces it on map

in The Sun, by Charlotte Edwards

This article in The Sun describes the chance discovery of a small island in Antarctica’s Pine Island Bay, which seems to have appeared in the last decade. But the article sensationally connects this with a recent record high temperature at a station elsewhere in Antarctica. While warming trends in the atmosphere and ocean may be relevant, a single weather record is not.
It is not yet clear what is responsible for the island’s appearance.

— 10 Mar 2020


Low solar activity has little effect on Earth’s climate, contrary to claim in The Sun

"The sun has gone into ‘lockdown’ which could cause freezing weather, earthquakes and famine, say scientists"

SOURCE: Chris Pollard, The Sun

Published: 20 May 2020


Claims of a coming 30-year “mini ice age” are not supported by science

Earth about to enter 30-YEAR ‘Mini Ice Age’

SOURCE: Harry Pettit, Sean Martin, The Sun, Express

Published: 06 Feb 2020