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Analysis of “Earth heading for ‘mini ice age’ within 15 years”

in The Telegraph, by Dan Hyde

— 30 Jul 2015

"The whole argument in the article rests on the incorrect myth that the Maunder minimum caused a "mini ice age" and uses that name to draw specious implications and conclusions.


Uncertainties about future climate change in the 1970’s does not invalidate today’s evidence on the reality of global warming

Scientists predicted global cooling and were wrong, so they are wrong about global warming

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook

Published: 19 Dec 2023


Low solar activity has little effect on Earth’s climate, contrary to claim in The Sun

"The sun has gone into ‘lockdown’ which could cause freezing weather, earthquakes and famine, say scientists"

SOURCE: Chris Pollard, The Sun

Published: 20 May 2020


1977 “coming ice age” Time magazine cover is a fake

When the exact same group of 'experts' who claimed it was global cooling in 1977 now claim it's global warming you can easily see why I am skeptical

SOURCE: Anonymous, Facebook

Published: 16 Dec 2019


A lull in solar activity would have little effect on global temperatures; claims of “global cooling” are not based on science

Forward projections of solar cyclicity imply the next few decades may be marked by global cooling rather than warming, despite continuing CO2 emissions.

SOURCE: Craig Idso, Robert Carter, S. Fred Singer, Heartland Institute

Published: 30 May 2017