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No convincing evidence that offshore wind activities explain the increase in whale deaths off the U.S. East Coast despite claims of a proven link by offshore wind energy opponents

New documentary proves building offshore wind farms is responsible for the increase in whale deaths off the U.S. East Coast since 2016

SOURCE: Michael Shellenberger, New York Post

Published: 20 Oct 2023


The energy costs of manufacturing wind turbines are recouped in one to six months; turbines are financially profitable over their lifetimes

Wind turbines in the US are made of toxic materials that pollute the environment, are mostly built in Germany, and will not pay off their manufacturing costs within their lifetimes.

SOURCE: Internet User, Facebook

Published: 08 Apr 2021


Viral photo of a helicopter de-icing a wind turbine is from Sweden, not Texas; current power outages in Texas are due to multiple fuel types going offline

Helicopters are using chemicals made from fossil fuels to defrost wind turbines; frosted wind turbines are responsible for blackouts in Texas; “the reason your power is/was out is wind energy's fault.”

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook

Published: 17 Feb 2021


False claim that wind turbines generate more global warming than fossil fuels misrepresents study it relies on

Harvard study finds that wind turbines create MORE global warming than the fossil fuels they eliminate

SOURCE: Ethan Huff,

Published: 23 Dec 2019


Meme image falsely claims wind turbines produce less energy that is used to build them

A windmill could spin until it falls apart and never generate as much energy as was invested in building it.

SOURCE: Internet users, Facebook

Published: 27 May 2019



Wind turbines can kill birds, but not as many as fossil fuels and other anthropogenic impacts

— 14 Dec 2022

“It is true that renewable energy developments like solar and wind farms (along with the power lines to connect them to the grid) can impact negatively on birds and other wildlif...