Blanket claim that climate models are flawed dismisses their key role

Following Climate Feedback’s analysis, The Boston Globe invited us to write a short letter to the editor responding to Jacoby’s column.
“As The Boston Globe’s Twitter account claims, #FactsMatter. To gain correct scientific understanding of how the world works, sound logic is also required.”

The Daily Wire corrects story analyzed by scientists, but it’s still misleading

While the most inaccurate statements have been edited, the scientists who reviewed the post indicate that the implication that the study undercuts confidence in the human cause of modern climate change is still misleading. The research being described doesn’t relate to recent climate history. It relates to differences that existed about 90 million years ago in well-known cycles in Earth’s orbit.

Sensational claims of manipulated data in the Mail on Sunday are overblown

“The “astonishing evidence” that David Rose purports to reveal in no way changes our understanding of modern warming or our best estimates of recent rates of warming. It does not in any way change the evidence that policymakers have at their disposal when deciding how to address the threats posed by climate change.”

Why fake news is a tech problem

“The beauty of this approach is that each article is judged independently (instead of branding an entire publication as “bad”). […] Better still, the site essentially teaches media criticism and skepticism from a scientific point of view.”

Climate Scientists Launch Brainy Attack On Inaccurate News

“[Climate feedback] website’s purpose goes beyond fact checking, because there are other forms of misleading information, such as cherry-picked half truths, biased information, rhetorical manipulation, and ill-defined terms.”

Wall Street Journal articles on 2016 heat record send contradicting messages

On January 18, NASA and NOAA released the data showing that 2016 was the warmest year on record in both datasets. All other major global surface temperature datasets, including the UK Met Office, Japanese Meteorological Agency, and Berkeley Earth datasets, indicated a new record, as well. The Wall Street Journal reported this news in a … Continued

Lies Hurt. Facts Matter. And So Does Resistance.

“Democracy depends on objectivity, evidence, and truth to inform the political process, and in our current political discourse, those things are being actively abused. […] Dozens of fact-checking organizations have signed on to an international code of fact-checking conduct. There is also a new, vetted resource for fact-checking climate change stories [Climate Feedback], specifically. Very excited about this entry.”