Most popular climate change stories of 2017 reviewed by scientists


Many stories were written about climate science in 2017, but were the ones that “went viral” scientifically accurate? To find out, we compiled a list of articles with the most comments, shares, and likes on social networks using data from Buzzsumo*. From that list, we selected the articles containing verifiable assertions on the topic of … Continued

US Congressman Lamar Smith rushes to dismiss study of Texas hurricanes like Harvey in a warming climate


“Congressman Smith is an expert at using seemingly true statements to convey falsehoods.” – Prof. Kerry Emanuel

Tony Abbott speech on climate change rehashes misleading, inaccurate talking points


“the usual mix of misdirection, falsehoods and tirades against ‘brigades’ who supposedly say this and that but are never clearly identified”.
In his speech, Abbott repeated common climate change contrarian talking points that are either incorrect, fallacious, unsupported, misleading, or cherry-picked. Read below for detailed reactions from scientists.

Poynter Training “SciFacts II: Fact-Checking Claims About Science”


  Tuesday, October 17, 9 a.m. -5 p.m The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The Poynter Institute will host a free one-day workshop to discuss the key challenges of reporting the facts about science at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 17. REGISTER HERE Event description: During this special daylong event … Continued

False claim that global warming is natural propagates in a climate misinformation echo-chamber


The diagram below shows that the articles mostly rely heavily on each other—like in an echo chamber—with very few outside sources included in the reporting. A first wave of “reporting” appeared in The Spectator, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, and Breitbart, which were then largely copied and pasted in a second wave of posts with larger audiences…

BBC Today airs false statements by Lord Lawson in the name of balance


On Thursday August 10, BBC Radio 4’s “Today” broadcasted an interview in which Nigel Lawson commented on Al Gore’s new film sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth”—and on Gore’s own interview on “Today” about that film. We asked scientists to evaluate claims Lord Lawson made about aspects of climate science during the interview. Lord Lawson’s first … Continued

Stephen Hawking interview on climate was partly misleading but consistent with science on impacts of political inaction


While Hawking’s comparison with Venus is misleading, the interview also includes comments about the impacts of inaction on climate change that are well supported by science. But Hawking undermines his argument by mixing in inaccurate hyperbole to support his point.

How sea ice can still be thick in places in a warming Arctic


The simple fact that baffles Breitbart author: global warming doesn’t mean that every square inch of ice has already melted.

Trump’s justification for withdrawing from Paris Agreement backed by a cherry-picked analysis


The reviewers explain that this report fails to represent our best understanding of the expected impacts of the Paris Agreement. The report only assessed the costs of climate actions, excluding the benefits of avoided climate change and of renewable sources of energy. It also makes a number of important assumptions that lead to extreme estimates of the economic costs.

Report Heartland Institute sent to influence US teachers on climate change earns an “F” from scientists


“This document could be used in the classroom to teach students about deliberate misinformation and how to identify it.”