Michael Lockwood

Professor of Space Environment Physics, University of Reading

Expertise: Solar influence on climate



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Video interview of Ian Plimer at Sky News falsely claims that a new study announces an incoming ice age, partly based on an incorrect Daily Mail headline

in Sky News, by Ian Plimer

— 20 Jan 2021

"This video is chock full of false and misleading information, and presented in a way to make the correct scientific information seem like a farce. For example, the direct link bet..

Analysis of “Earth heading for ‘mini ice age’ within 15 years”

in The Telegraph, by Dan Hyde

— 30 Jul 2015

"The whole argument in the article rests on the incorrect myth that the Maunder minimum caused a "mini ice age" and uses that name to draw specious implications and conclusions.


Claims of a coming 30-year “mini ice age” are not supported by science

Earth about to enter 30-YEAR ‘Mini Ice Age’

SOURCE: Harry Pettit, Sean Martin, The Sun, Express

Published: 06 Feb 2020


Express article falsely warns of a solar-induced “ice age”

The current solar minimum could last for more than three decades which could lead to temperatures plummeting across the globe, scientists have warned.

SOURCE: Sean Martin, Express

Published: 06 Aug 2019


Claim in The Express that low solar activity is bringing cold weather is false

Cold weather to grip world as solar minimum to deepen, NASA says

SOURCE: Sean Martin, Express

Published: 24 Apr 2019