Richard Alley

Professor, PennState University

Expertise: Guest analyst - Sea level change, Glaciology




Grist article on an “Ice Apocalypse” mostly accurate, but doesn’t make the likelihood of that apocalypse clear enough to readers

in Grist, by Eric Holthaus

— 28 Nov 2017

"The article has a bias, emphasizing the high end scenarios of ice sheet behavior, avoiding scrutiny of model assumptions. The concept of marine ice cliff instability and how unusu..

Analysis of “Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun”

in The New York Times, by Justin Gillis

— 07 Sep 2016

"The theory of sea-level rise and flood problems is pretty well understood — this makes the point that this theory is also happening now and can only be expected to get worse —..


Temperatures on Earth are increasing and the rise is drastically outpacing previous natural changes in the planet’s climate

“We have been cooling down for the past 4000 years”; the Earth has cooled since the ‘medieval warming’, “It’s all about when you start the measurements”

SOURCE: Ian Plimer, Media Research Center

Published: 15 May 2023


Sea level could rise by as much as 1 or 2 meters (3.3-6.6 feet) by the year 2100

Sea level rise could reach six or seven feet by the year 2100.

SOURCE: Justin Gillis, The New York Times

Published: 06 Sep 2016