Key Findings of Heartland’s “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming”

Below is a list of statements extracted from the “Key Findings” section of the Heartland NIPCC report. Your annotations on this page will be duplicated over the original report. The full report can be found here.   from section: “Why Scientists Disagree”   claim #0.1 Extensive survey data show deep disagreement among scientists on scientific issues that must be resolved before … Continued

Here’s what we know about how climate change impacts hurricanes – and what we don’t

The uncertainty surrounding how hurricane frequency could change as the climate warms has been brought up in claims seeking to undermine climate change’s impact on hurricanes. These claims are examples of straw man arguments: noting that climate change may not lead to a higher number of hurricanes in the future does not mean that climate change has had – or will have – no impact on hurricanes at all.