The Wall Street Journal Still Treats Climate Change as “Opinion”

“For years, the WSJ has run opinion piece after opinion piece, questioning the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Too often, these “opinions” are written by authors with strong ties to the fossil fuel industry…
Science doesn’t care about your opinion.”

Wall Street Journal articles on 2016 heat record send contradicting messages

On January 18, NASA and NOAA released the data showing that 2016 was the warmest year on record in both datasets. All other major global surface temperature datasets, including the UK Met Office, Japanese Meteorological Agency, and Berkeley Earth datasets, indicated a new record, as well. The Wall Street Journal reported this news in a … Continued

Why climate change is the easiest news to fake

“Climate Feedback is a voluntary initiative of well-known and respected scientists reviewing climate change articles for accuracy, whose first work came in 2015.

Among the articles reviewed: The Wall Street Journal op-ed on rising sea levels, which was described as “grossly” misleading to readers; and, on the other side, a highly cited New York Magazine article that the reviewing scientists said exaggerated how bad climate change could get.”