Why climate change is the easiest news to fake

“Climate Feedback is a voluntary initiative of well-known and respected scientists reviewing climate change articles for accuracy, whose first work came in 2015.

Among the articles reviewed: The Wall Street Journal op-ed on rising sea levels, which was described as “grossly” misleading to readers; and, on the other side, a highly cited New York Magazine article that the reviewing scientists said exaggerated how bad climate change could get.”

Global warming contributes to increased heat-related mortality, contrary to Bjorn Lomborg’s unsupported claims that climate change is saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year

Scientific studies show that climate change is already contributing to increased heat-related mortality and global warming will further increase health outcomes related to heat stress. Reports that take into account the ensemble of scientific publications show that climate change is overall having negative consequences for human societies and ecosystems, contrary to what cherry-picking can lead some to believe.

Article falsely attributes invented quotes to James Hansen

This article falsely attributes quotes to NASA climate scientist James Hansen, when these statements are actually the opinions of others. It also misrepresents 1988 projections of global warming produced by Hansen and his colleagues, which were, in reality, accurate.

Climate Feedback accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter for the second year

Climate Feedback has received accreditation by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at The Poynter Institute for the second year. Climate Feedback is the first and only accredited organization pioneering a community approach to “fact-checking”: crowdsourcing the evaluation of information credibility from a network of scientists with relevant expertise. The IFCN is “committed to promoting excellence … Continued

Scientists reactions to the US House Science Committee hearing on climate science

Only four witnesses were invited to testify before the committee, which cannot be representative of all the expertise required to understand a field as vast as climate science. So we have asked for additional scientists to weigh in on some noteworthy, scientifically verifiable statements made during the hearing to provide a broader and more representative view of the state of scientific knowledge.

House Science Hearing on Climate Science

Background Information The full original video and all testimonies can be found here Additional documentation Opening statement by Lamar Smith (text available here) Opening statement by Environment Subcommittee Chairman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) (text available here)   Transcript of some noteworthy, scientifically verifiable statements From the opening statements and testimonies   Key statements from Eddie Bernice … Continued

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Axios Fact-checking Pruitt’s warming comments 8 Feb. 2018 “Go deeper: Climate scientists roundly refuted with very detailed responses an article in May 2016 that said in “many ways global warming will be a good thing.” Snopes Do Hundreds of Papers Published in 2017 ‘Prove’ That Global Warming is a Myth? 25 Oct. 2017 “The first … Continued

Introducing the Scientific Trust Tracker

Climate Feedback produces analyses and evaluations – we call them “feedbacks” – of influential reporting on climate change. Our feedbacks are already helping readers around the world distinguish between news stories based on science and those that only claim to be. Last week we published an in-depth review of the latest article by Bjørn Lomborg … Continued