Chris Brierley

Senior Lecturer, University College London

Expertise: Modelling the climate, Paleoclimate



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Playing semantics, misleading Breitbart article downplays US contribution to climate change

in Breitbart, by Thomas D. Williams

— 06 Jun 2017

"This whole post is based on semantics and basically one big strawman fallacy. The author is deliberately confusing air pollution from suspended particulate matter (as discussed in..

Analysis of “Scientists: Here’s What Really Causes Climate Change (And It Has Nothing To Do With Human Beings)”

in The Daily Wire, by James Barrett

— 28 Feb 2017

"The article misuses a Nature article on a geological process 90 millions years ago to argue the warming of the past century is not anthropogenic. It seems the reasoning is ideolog..


Incorrect claim that global warming is mostly natural was based on a study that can’t support that conclusion

Most of the recent warming could be natural

SOURCE: Jennifer Marohasy, The Spectator

Published: 07 Sep 2017