Eric Rignot

Professor, University of California Irvine & Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Expertise: Glaciology, Oceanography, Remote sensing



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Wall Street Journal op-ed by Steven Koonin publishes misleading claims about how climate change influences Greenland ice melt

in Wall Street Journal, by Steve Koonin

— 24 Feb 2022

Human-caused climate change is already accelerating Greenland’s melting and is predicted to continue to accelerate it in the future. In addition to Greenland, most glaciers aroun...

Analysis of “9 questions on rising seas”

in CNN, by John Sutter

— 12 May 2015

"This article does a very good job at presenting the main aspects of sea level rise and how it will impact coastal regions..."


The Antarctic’s ice coverage is not increasing to record levels, nor is the continent getting colder, contrary to Curry and Easterbrook claims in CFACT movie

Antarctic sea-ice extent is increasing to record levels. Antarctica is getting colder; its sea ice and ice cap are not melting

SOURCE: Judith Curry and Don Easterbrook, CFACT

Published: 28 Apr 2023