Responding to Stossel TV video on our rating process

During their interviews, the scientists were pressed for judgments on whether the rating we applied was appropriate. Clips from these interviews were then used in Stossel’s new video to attempt to discredit our rating. However, both Zeke Hausfather and Stefan Doerr subsequently discussed the video with us and both agree the rating was appropriate—a fact that Stossel noted in his video.

Climate change, forest management and several other causes contribute to wildfire severity and total area burned in the western United States

In addition to land management practices, the severity of wildfires in the western US is influenced by extreme heat, drought, and the amount of dry vegetative fuel, which are all linked to human-caused climate change. Climate change is not the only factor that affects fire behavior, but it is an important one. Since 1984, the forest fire area in the western US likely doubled due to climate change.