When a sensational headline contradicts an article’s message

— 18 Oct 2016

"Sarah Knapton has written a reasonably well-balanced article, however, this article was placed under a misleading headline. The headline could just as easily have been: "Experts s..

Insight into the scientific credibility of The Guardian climate coverage

— 17 Oct 2016

Over the past two months, Climate Feedback has asked its network of scientists to review 5 widely read articles published by The Guardian. Three were found to be both accurate and ...

The most popular 2015 articles on climate published in Forbes are inaccurate and misleading

— 09 Dec 2015

Recently, scientists analyzed some of Forbes’ most influential climate articles for 2015. While one article was rated as highly accurate, two articles were found to be deeply ina...

How much do the presidential candidates know about climate change?

— 24 Nov 2015

Climate change will be a hot topic during the 2016 presidential election campaign. The candidates have already started  talking about climate science in debates, press conferences...

The Telegraph issues a public correction after scientists point to inaccuracies

— 06 Aug 2015

A few days after Climate Feedback published an analysis of Dan Hyde’s article “Earth heading for ‘mini ice age’ within 15 years”, the Telegraph made major modifications t...